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tutorial 3; rachel bilson

tutorial requested by _toxication

this to that
made in paint shop pro x

NOTE: I'm Dutch, so I had to translate the whole program. If there's a mistake or you're stuck somewhere, don't hesitate to let me know =)

I started with this picture from celeb_photobook, and cropped it to a 304x404 base.

Go to Layers > New Adjusment Layer > Levels
keep the channel on RGB
input levels: 0, 1.72, 255
leave the output the way it is

Go to Layers > New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation
Upper the saturation at +52

New layer, filled with #003663 and set to exclusion 50%

Another layer, filled with #85dfe2 and set to soft light 100%

Merge all. Go to Layers > Duplicate and set to Burn 100%

Duplicate that and set to Softlight 100%

Go to Layers > New Adjustment Layer > Curves
RGB Settings
Red Settings
Green Settings
Blue Settings

& that's all :)
if you want to see more banners made with this technique, see this post
show me what result you got!

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Pretty coloring ♥ +mems :)
i love this tut and am saving it to my memories...

...but on step 4, the fill colour isn't specified. could you possibly tell us what colour that is supposed to be?

thank you so much for writing this tutorial! x
you're welcome!
I know, I'm so sorry I forget that =) I'll add it right now!
great tutorial, but i am stuck on this step: "Another layer, filled with and set to soft light 100%" because it appears you forgot to give us the color. :)
DAMN! I'm so sorry =] I'll change it rightaway!


10 years ago


10 years ago

I don't normally find tut's for PSP X on here.
I really liked this one. VERY nice.
thank you! :)
Nice tutorial, I'm gonna try it out later! =]
Wow thanks so much! look at the gorgeous icon I got!!! :

i love it! thanks so much! I'll list you in my next post for inspiration :)
thankyou!! =D
omg, that result is so lovely!!
that's gemma ward isn't it? my fav. model of all time!
Beautiful &Hearts; && It's in PSP! oh joy! Mems
hehe, you're welcome!!
Great tutorial, sweetie! :)
Thank you so much. :) +mems
OH, I love this. Mem`d.
Hi, would you be able to tell me what the settings are for the blue section on the curves layer because the image won't load for me, i keep getting a timed out connection
input = 42, and the output = 17


10 years ago


10 years ago

definently meming this :D
Hi, I'm lost at:
New layer, filled with #003663 and set to exclusion 50%

What kind of layer?
open a new image with the color #003663 and past it as a new layer
Hi. I have some problems with that step: "Merge all. Go to Layers > Duplicate and set to Burn 100%"

Burn? What is that, some sort of effect .. or what? Can you please, tell me how to do it?
do you know what exclusio and softlight are?
because if you do, you just have to scroll down to see burn/colourburn =/
this tutorial ?
oh i really like coloring
i think the soft light color is wrong because once i add that layer the coloring changes.
the colouring for this is superb!
and you've managed to make Rachel look even prettier =D